Wetterfrosch Inflatable for AppsforAgri

AppsforAgri greatly impacted the DLG-Feldtage agricultural fair in Germany, and we at Floatie Kings were thrilled to help. They asked us to create a standout marketing piece for their product, “SmartFarm.”

We designed a 15-foot-tall inflatable frog from weather-resistant PVC, featuring intricate details and AppsforAgri’s branding. The process included concept sketches, 3D modeling, and material testing to ensure durability. Our team worked hard to bring the folklore character to life, ensuring it was eye-catching and stable for outdoor display.

The inflatable was placed atop their tent, drawing crowds and sparking interest in SmartFarm. Many visitors engaged with the AppsforAgri team, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. German farmers were very interested in SmartFarm’s solutions, and the Wetterfrosch became a memorable symbol of their brand.

This project showcased Floatie Kings’ ability to combine creativity and engineering.
We’re proud to have helped AppsforAgri succeed at DLG-Feldtage.

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