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Best Inflatable Pool Toys

Pools are awesome and everyone knows it. But a pool with no pool toys? Kinda boring, right? When you invite friends to a pool party, they’ll expect you to have the coolest pool toys. And not just the kids — adults appreciate cool inflatable pool toys, too! 


What to Consider Before Buying Inflatable Pool Toys


The best inflatable pool toys may be different for kids vs. adults. Adults can be judicious and gentle. Kids, on the other hand, treat floating pool toys like weapons. We’re going to share our picks according to age category, but here are some universal desirable qualities of pool toys for all ages:

  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Safety
  • Materials

Whatever pool toys you buy, make sure they are of decent quality! They should be safe, be able to withstand repeated use, and cost a reasonable amount. The materials should be BPA and phthalate-free.


How to Pick the Coolest Inflatable Pool Toys


Don’t buy the coolest pool toys based on advertisements alone. Research the manufacturer. Read reviews. Look for real-world pictures or videos. A pool toy that looks incredible on the packaging may be disappointing in real life. 

Also, you’ll want to consider weight requirements. If the toy is meant to be ridden, check if it can support you or your guests. This is more of an issue for adult pool toys than for kids, of course.


Best Inflatable Pool Toys for Kids


There may be some supervision needed for kids’ pool toys, but hey, they’re going to get out their energy. Besides, these pool toys are just plain cool.


Inflatable Fire Truck with Water Gun


The kids are going to love this. It’s designed like a little one-person fire truck and is oh, so adorable. It’s small enough that you can inflate it with a pump or your lungs. The PVC used here is non-toxic and strong. Got kids ages three to eight? They’re the perfect size. 

Cute isn’t the best thing about this toy. The little inflatable fire truck comes with a built-in water gun! The coolest part is the gun sucks water from the pool so you don’t have to refill it. Ever! You may want to get several of them so there’s not an imbalance of power among the children.


Toss N Splash Floating Game


Try a little competition with this floating ball toss game. It resembles an inner tube but has 9 holes on the face of it. Each hole has a different point value. Get the balls in the holes, keep score, and make sure the competition stays friendly.

This one’s made of lightweight, non-toxic vinyl. It’s 27 inches across and can be deflated for easy storage. While you should always keep an eye on the kids while they use it, you’ll have extra peace of mind knowing the materials are non-toxic. If they try to chew on the Toss N Splash, they won’t get hurt. (The Toss N Splash might, though!)


Best Inflatable Pool Toys for Adults


Alright, adults, don’t think we forgot about you. You’ve got some seriously cool inflatable toys to choose from! 


Inflatable Basketball and Volleyball


This is a two-for-one. You get an inflatable volleyball net and ball as well as an inflatable basketball hoop and ball. The net is wide, coming in at 105 inches. If you have some athletes coming to your pool party, they’ll get a good game in. If you want, you can use a real volleyball for some more intensity.

As for the basketball hoop, picture an orange buoy. That’s what it looks like. It offers you and your guests hours of fun dunking on each other. All items are made of durable material that’s non-toxic and safe for kids (if they ever get a turn). 


Floating Cornhole/Beanbag Toss


You read that correctly. Inflatable cornhole boards for the pool! Sure, you could use these on dry land, but why? Put them in the pool where they belong! There are anchor points on the side in case you want to keep it tethered. The game even comes with eight beanbags!

For easy inflation and deflation, the boards come with speed safety valves. Use a pump or your own breath. Either way, it’s quick to inflate. This particular game comes with an American flag design in bright red, white, and blue. 


How to Use Inflatable Pool Toys Safely


With kids’ pool toys, supervision is vital. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and use the toys according to their specifications. Obey age restrictions. Remember that just because a child is using an inflatable pool toy, this doesn’t mean they are safe! Small kids still face a drowning risk.

Don’t underinflate or overinflate your pool toys, either. Underinflated toys tend to flop around, and overinflated toys can burst when used vigorously. In the end, rely on common sense.


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