Best Pool Floats for Adults for Different Events

Best Pool Floats for Adults for Different Events

Best Pool Floats for Adults for Different Events

Not all pool-based events are created equal. Swimming pool floats for adults come in a dizzying level of variety. Depending on how you’ll use your float, you will prefer one over the others. But how do you choose the best pool floats for adults? Why, read on, of course!

Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Buying Pool Floats for Adults?

You should think about how the type of event you’re holding informs your purchase decisions. First, remember these universal factors to consider for cool pool floats for adults.

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Materials
  • Size
  • Comfort

The best pool floats for adults should be well-made and fit your budget. If you care about materials and want a more eco-friendly float, then avoid PVC or any materials with BPAs. Remember, you need swimming pool floats for adults. Don’t buy a child-sized float by accident! 

Depending on the size of your guests (or you), you may want to look for the best pool floats for heavy adults. Not every float is created equal, and you’ll want to check weight and size ratings.



Best Pool Floats for Birthday Events

This can go a couple of ways. Let’s start with some whimsical options. For example, there’s the Black Swan, which is six feet tall and, well, a black swan! If you want something more colorful, there’s the giant Pink Flamingo

But some people are looking for an even more fantastical float. In that case, the Unicorn is one of the best pool floats for adults who are still kids at heart. Just because you’re having a birthday doesn’t mean you have to act older.

If you want your birthday to be more relaxing, then how about the Drift Chaise Float? The fabric is breathable and soft, and it supports up to 250 pounds. Think of it as a couch that you can take into the pool. 

Say you’re shopping for the best pool floats for adults with cup holders. The Campania Convertible 2-in-1 Lounger comes with a separate floating cupholder caddy! 

Best Pool Floats for Two

Cool pool floats for adults are best when shared. Take the Bali Cabana Lounger, for example. It can easily hold two adults in comfort, and it’s even got a roof for shade. And yes, it does have drink holders. 

For a more adventurous float, there’s the Hydro Force Tropical Breeze Raft. This one can hold six adults in comfort! With pillow backrests and a canopy for shade, you can enjoy this floating island for hours on the hottest days.

What about two-person pool floats that are more imaginative? How about a pool float shaped like a golf cart? Perhaps a giant slice of watermelon? Heck, let’s just make the pool float a daybed with a giant rainbow on it.



Best Pool Floats for Corporate Parties

Corporate parties can be business or pleasure, so you’ll want a pool float that’s adaptable. The Giant Cabana Dayclub is like having a meeting room on the water. It features four individual seats, mesh foot baths, and a compartment in the middle to hold a waterproof speaker. We suppose that compartment could hold drinks, too.

If your coworkers would prefer to float on their own, there’s the Sit N Float Inflatable Lounge. It comes with cupholders and handles to steady yourself, depending on the type of beverage in the cupholder. A bunch of these together turns a pool into an audience. Participation and a willingness to face the right way may be required. 

Best Pool Floats for Engagement Parties

It’s time to celebrate the happy couple! As such, the floats must be on point. This means getting creative with your float theme, and what’s better than a giant floating engagement ring

If that’s a bit much for you, then perhaps hearts are more your speed. Now, maybe you’re not into ring-shaped floats. But you want something with the right theme to relax on. Then you’ll appreciate these champagne bottle floats

Best Pool Floats for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Ok, now it’s time to get a bit wilder. There’s no better float to start this section than the Floating Beer Pong Table. It has eight cupholders around the perimeter and ten beer pong cupholders at both ends. It even comes with six ping pong balls! This is a fun one for either a bachelor or bachelorette party. 

For bachelorette parties, in particular, the theme has to be just right. So an inflatable bottle of rosé? Yup. Perfect. For more low-key parties, these pink inflatable diamond rings are just right. They’re great for people who prefer traditional tube-shaped floats. 

For the guys, a bachelor party has so many options. How about a pack of cigars? Or a whiskey bottle? If the groom’s a bit of a show-off, try a peacock to get your point across.



Best Pool Floats for Wedding Celebrations

Wedding celebrations are a time for friends and family to come together and honor the new couple. If togetherness is your goal, you can’t go wrong with an entire pizza made up of individual slices! Everyone can stick together if they want or float away and be on their own. 

If you want to pamper the bride and groom, give them each their own Yacht Pool Float. It comes with a cooler in the bow so they can crack open some bubbly at their leisure.

Best Pool Floats for Baby Showers

For the mom-to-be, give her some comfort. She’ll want to be able to relax in the pool, probably on her own. Single-person floating swim hammocks are ideal for this. Giant lounges are also perfect. If she’s more the “sit up and chat” type, then a mesh pool chair will give her a luxurious, relaxing time in the pool. 

If you want to provide pool floats for the baby, good for you, you planner! You’ve got lots of fun kid, toddler, or infant options. These include airplane floats complete with steering wheels. 

A full activity center float for toddlers and infants will keep them occupied and happy in the pool. If you want the mom-to-be’s child to be a menace in the pool, get a Pirate Ship Float with a built-in squirt gun!



Best Pool Floats for Housewarming Parties

How can you go wrong with a giant Tiki Bar Inflatable? You can’t. And then there’s the floating card table. Then there are the emoji floats. Nothing says “Welcome to your new house” better than a giant emoji wearing sunglasses. 

Do you want to give every guest a comfortable, relaxing time on the water? Then you may want to go for quality, long-lasting resort-style lounging floats. Your guests can enjoy them time and time again.



Custom Floats for Adults

There’s a massive variety of pool floats to suit every need. No matter the event, no matter the crazy design in your head, the very float you want probably exists. But what if it doesn’t? You can always get a custom float, of course! Let your next pool party be a place for your creativity to shine.