Best Pool Floats For Adults

Best Pool Floats For Adults for Different Events

There are cool, fun promotional items, and then there are the same boring promotional items everyone else uses. If you’ve built your business on being unique and filling a specific segment of the market, then your promotional items shouldn’t be like all the rest. One promotional item people rarely get is a custom pool float. But wouldn’t that be cooler than just another beer coozie? The answer is yes.


Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Buying Pool Floats for Adults


You should think about how the type of event you’re holding informs your purchase decisions. First, remember these universal factors to consider for cool pool floats for adults:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Materials
  • Size
  • Comfort

The best pool floats for adults should be well-made and fit your budget. If you care about materials and want a more eco-friendly float, then avoid PVC or any materials with BPAs. Remember, you need swimming pool floats for adults. Don’t buy a child-sized float by accident! 

Depending on the size of your clients (or you), you may want to look for the best pool floats for heavy adults. Not every float is created equal, and you’ll want to check weight and size ratings.


Best Pool Floats for Tradeshows


At a tradeshow, you might not get too much of a chance to show off your custom pool float in the water (unless your tradeshow is about pools). So your custom floats need to be easily identified as floats. 

That’s why Floatie Kings’ swimming tube floats are perfect! When you see that donut shape, you know exactly what it’s meant for. We’ll put your logo front and center, right on the top where everyone will see it. 

These floats are 110 cm in diameter, perfect for a range of body sizes. And unlike a lot of promotional items, these floats will get used again and again. We don’t make cheap, disposable floats, they’re all durable and easy to clean.

If you want a pool float that can double as a sign, then our mattress floats are an excellent choice. They give you 180 cm x 90 cm to show off your branding, and they’re printed on both sides. Stand it up at your tradeshow table and no one will miss it. 

But let’s say these floats are just going to stand around acting like signs, and never have to become pool inflatables. Floatie Kings’ 3D can or bottle will give you 200 cm height and 80 cm diameter’s worth of advertising potential. 

If you do want your can or bottle inflatables to be used as pool floats, you’ll like what we talk about in the next section…


Best Pool Floats for Concert Tours or Music Festivals


Cool pool floats for adults are best when covered in your sweet, sweet branding. Even better when they’re shaped for your brand. 

For example, consider Floatie Kings’ mattress floaties shaped like cans and bottles! Beverage companies sponsoring a band or artist’s tour would get some awesome mileage out of some 180 cm tall can or bottle shaped floats. Plus, if the concerts are outdoors, they’d be perfect to lounge on while the music plays.

For fun, interactive floats, there’s also the classic inflatable pool ball. Watch 10 seconds of footage from an outdoor concert and you’re guaranteed to see a pool ball or twelve getting bopped around. There’s an activity you can turn into a branding opportunity! 

Just so you know, we have some experience with music: we’ve handled floaties for Bon Jovi, Wiz Khalifa, and Steve Aoki, and many others!


Best Pool Floats for Corporate Gifts


When your company gives tokens of appreciation to employees and clients, those tokens need to be worth receiving. What’s better than getting the proper inflatables for a fun relaxing in the water? 

Our custom round lounger offers top printing for your brand, and is 152 cm in diameter. It’s perfect for, well, lounging! For the ultimate lounging, our Oxford Cloth Inflatable Pool Hammock is as comfortable as your imagination will allow. And yes, they work in the pool. Imagine floating in the water on a hammock. There is literally no more comfortable situation. 

Show you care about families with our branded kiddie pools! You can print on the top and bottom, and they’re a nice wide 165 cm by 35 cm tall. They’re perfect for kids to splash around in or — and hear us out on this one — to fill with ice and beverages. 

Float by the edge of the pool on your hammock and grab a cold one from the kiddie pool. It’s heaven. But oh, where to put that drink once you’re in the pool? We’ve gotcha covered with our custom floating cupholder. The best pool floats with cupholders sometimes have those cupholders separate, after all.

But do you really want your clients to remember you? Are you committed to providing the best pool floats for adults? Well, go for the logo shaped mattress. Yup, a pool float mattress not just with your logo printed on it, but actually shaped like your logo! 

We’ve done the Google Moose-shaped lounger for Google Canada’s Christmas party, the custom inflatable jetski for Three Olives Vodka’s pool party, IMDB ring tubes, and Swimply ducks. 

Now, let’s say your employees and clients are going places. Like, down the river. Our river tubes are strong and robust enough to handle your meandering path as you bump against the banks on your river float. Plus, with your corporate branding on it, there won’t be any confusion about whose floats they are.


Best Pool Floats for Celebrations


There are plenty of events that call for custom floaties. Perhaps you want to provide inflatables for:

  • Birthdays
  • Engagement parties
  • Bachlor/bachelorette parties
  • Weddings
  • Baby showers
  • Housewarmings

Floatie Kings can make just about any shaped float you can imagine! But let’s talk about some of our more popular options.

Who wouldn’t love a giant pink flamingo floatie? It can be decked out for just about any type of celebration. Get two and dress them as the bride and groom for a wedding or engagement party. Have it printed with birthday messages. The sky’s the limit!

And for some serious celebrating, we’re here to provide the necessary tools. First, there’s our floating beer pong table. Perfect for a brewery to advertise their brand, and fun for any (21 and over) pool party. For the kids, just make it a “juice pong” table. 

Then there’s the inflatable cooler. Yes, it has a lid and everything. Fill that bad boy with ice and adult beverages and commence with the celebrating!


Custom Floats for Adults


There’s a massive variety of pool floats to suit every need. No matter the event, no matter the crazy design in your head, the best pool floats for adults are the ones you create to support your brand! Get a custom pool float, and let your branding be a place for your creativity to shine.