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Best Snow Tubes For Sledding

There are many things to consider when buying durable snow tubes. For certain, all snow tubes are not the same. Each one has a unique feature, for special requirements of the user.  There are well designed tubes for children and teenagers. Some snow tubes are made  to boost your skills. Before choosing your tube it is important to consider all the many factors, like; speed , size, resistance and price.  Again, be clear on what you need in snow tubes, in terms of their purpose and features.


What To Consider Before Buying Snow Tubes? 




Snow tubes are exactly what their name says- they are tubes made for snow. They are made from heavy duty PVC fabrics (or rubber or vinyl) that are weatherproof, tear and cut resistant, as well as, prevent cuts, punctures,  and cracking.  They are treated with a "cold crack additive.” which is designed to provide stronger prevention to re-cracking.. The seams are double welded to take the impact of bouncing down the hill.



Snow tubes were traditionally oversized inner tubes with a round cut-out section in the center. They are often referred to as "donuts" because of their shape. But nowadays, you can find many different attractive designs based on your needs. They all have handles on either side for support, and to zip down the slope.


kid with a snow tube



The material you choose will determine the durability of your snow tube. If you enjoy high speeds from your snow tube, look for something with a strong polyethylene base. These last for years. And will withstand the lowest temperatures. If you are a casual rider, durability will not be an issue for most snow tubes. Then, just focus on the design you like, or if you need one that holds two people.  



Knowing the weight of the snow tube is essential as well as knowing how steep the hills are. Generally, if you decide to take a steep hill, lighter tubes are far easier to climb back up. Also, lighter material makes an excellent sled for kids.

Ease of use


Tubes for snow are straightforward in how you use them; sit and slide. But the hardest part of using your inner tube sled will likely be the inflation process. Top rated heavy duty snow tubes should be easy to inflate and have clear instructions on how to set them up. Riders will want to be sure that they have correctly inflated their sledding tubes to the correct PSI.


teenager with a snow tube

Other Factors




Most snow tubes are reasonably large so that they can accommodate adults and kids. However, not all are the same size, and there are variations from smaller to extra-large. Most adult tube designs will be at least 45 inches wide, but some may be up to 50 inches. But size also matters for the number of riders that you want on the tube. There are commercial tubes that can fit multiple riders.

Weight Capacity


The weight capacity is directly related to the tube size because larger sledding tubes will hold more weight than smaller tubes. Snow tubes for adults should be capable of holding 200 pounds, or more. Tubes for snow should indicate their weight capacity in the product specifications.



The best inner tube for sledding will catch speed to make sledding thrilling. For optimal speed, towable snow tubes should have a smooth bottom, be treated to resist the cold, and be made of durable material. A durable bottom will be the fastest and ensure that your tube never pops.

Tips for Using Snow Tubes Safely


  • Dress appropriately.. Be sure to wear sensible winter outerwear while snow tubing.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Choose the right terrain. 
  • Go snow tubing during the daytime, when visibility is better.
  • Designate a go-to adult
  • Sit face-forward on your sled or tube. 
  • Never build an artificial jump or obstacle on a sledding hill.
  • Keep your arms and legs within the sled at all times. 
  • Walk up the side of the hill.




Snow tubes are becoming more popular than sleds because they are faster, and a more comfortable ride. The good ones are aerodynamic, lightweight, and easy to store, and many have inflated inserts that will absorb the shock from big bumps. Yes, there are a lot of options when buying a snow tube. You can find most durable and sturdy custom inflatable snow tubes at Flotie Kings, they will be very transporting valuable cargo! 


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