Best Team Building Inflatable Games

Best Team Building Inflatable Games

It doesn't have to be boring when the office decides to do a team-building event. Instead of practicing “trust falls,” get some inflatable interactive games everyone will enjoy. The best inflatable games encourage competition and camaraderie while being fun

Additionally, you get to keep them for the next team-building event. In fact, that’s just one of the many reasons why inflatable interactive games make a great event. And it’s more economical than going on a retreat.


Inflatable Obstacle Course


team mates playin in inflatable obstacle course

Get the whole gang together to show off their athleticism with a little competition on an inflatable obstacle course. To encourage some extra team spirit, don’t just pit individuals against each other — declare the winner based on the fastest team to make it through each of the obstacles.

From mini rock climbing walls to slides with a little bit of bounce, team members can show off their skills, cheer on other team members from the sidelines, and let loose with their inner ninja warrior on an inflatable course.

The Rules


To play, divide up into small teams of three to five players and have them line up at the front of the course. On your signal, the first player from each side will enter the obstacle course, completing it as quickly as they can, then running around the side to return to the line, tagging in the next player.

The first team to get through the course is the winner. While players wait to enter, encourage them to cheer each other on. Want some extra fun? Add bonus points for “most creative way to tackle the maze,” “worst fail,” and “team cheerleader.”


Inflatable Pool Volleyball


team building pool party

Inflatable pool volleyball sets come with an inflatable net and inflatable ball. You’ll want the light, inflatable ball. Why? To keep Carol in accounting from spiking a real volleyball into receptionist Jim’s face. Again. It also comes with anchors to keep it in place and a puncture kit.


The Rules


Pool volleyball is best when played in the pool. On land, the net is too short for anyone but kids. Get it in the water, and you can split that pool in half with teams on each side. 

While it’s ideal for four players, you can have as many on either side as you want. Set up your own rules for rotation, giving the accounts receivable team one hit each. 

Volleyball is one of the best inflatable interactive games. Unlike tennis, you need teammates to set you up. That shot isn’t making it over the net without them. Make sure Carol in accounting knows this.


Beer Pong


It’s your choice whether you want to actually use beer or not. The beer pong game works the same way; it’s just, you know, more fun with beer. Besides, if you want to build up team spirit with the best inflatable games, give the office what they want. 

The table comes with cup holders for the game in familiar triangle patterns. It also has cup holders on the side for spectators. You’ll have to get your own cups and ping-pong balls.


The Rules


If you’ve never played beer pong before, it’s simple. Two teams take turns throwing ping-pong balls into each other’s cups. Suppose that team #1 throws a ball that lands in team #2’s cup. Team #2 has to drink the contents of that cup, and it’s removed from play. 

Team 2 can decide whether they share or take turns after each score. Flip a coin to see who goes first. Wash the ping-pong balls before you use them.


Inflatable Football


Inflatable obstacle course black

Armchair quarterbacks, watch out! It’s time to get in the game with a round of inflatable football. Face off against other divisions in the company or invite rival businesses to take the fight to the field in a fun new way.

For extra fun, add an oversized inflatable ball onto the field during overtime and watch your teams coordinate to capture the winning point!


The Rules


Rules for this game may vary based on the size of the ball, the size of the teams you use, and whether you want to play touch football, let players tackle, or avoid physical contact. Divide players into teams with a team captain/quarterback for each side, toss the ball on the field, and enjoy!


Inflatable Bumper Ball


Have you ever watched a hamster running in a plastic wheel and thought to yourself, “You know, that looks kind of fun!” If so, you’ll love our next pick. 

Inflatable bumper balls are a quick and fun way to set up a ton of different skills challenges, whether players need to “bowl” over other players, knock down giant pins, or dart and weave through cones to make it to the finish line. With so many options for gameplay, this is an activity you can use again and again with your teams.


The Rules


You can choose to have players go head-to-head in a hamster battle to complete a series of tasks, create a sumo-style bumping competition with two players at a time, or simply let your teams enjoy their “inner child” by moving as creatively as they can in the bubbles. 

Want to encourage even more teamwork? Choose a player who doesn’t get too motion sick and let them go inside the ball. Then, give each team a goal to get their player to a certain position first as creatively as they can!


Inflatable Jousting


Has Rick from HR been getting on your nerves? It might be time to knock him down a peg…with inflatable jousting, that is! 


The Rules


In this game, players balance on pedestals while holding giant inflatable paddles. The challenge? To dethrone the other player and remain the last one standing on their post! Embrace the spirit of a modern-day knight and get some laughs along the way with this test of your balance and coordination.


Making Team Building More Fun with Inflatables


Team building exercises with inflatable games sound awesome, right? How about getting a custom inflatable? How does that work? The sky's the limit! 

Talk to the artists at Floatie Kings to make it a reality. Whatever size, shape, or printing you want, Floatie Kings can make it happen. You get fast turnaround, worldwide shipping, and an award-winning design team. People will talk about your office get-togethers for years to come!