How to Blow Up Inflatables

How to Blow Up Inflatables

Some of you might be thinking, “I don’t need to be told how to blow up pool floats! I’ve got lungs!” Well, you’re not going to find “lungs” on this list. Literally, save your breath; exhaling is not how to blow up custom inflatables. It’s the worst way. 

Instead, we’ll discuss how to blow up custom inflatables with the proper tools. We’ll even go over some you might not have thought of.


Method 1: An Electric Pump


If you don’t own one, it’s worth the splurge. We’d argue that it’s a necessity. Not only is an electric pump easier, but it’s also faster. Floaties can be inflated in a couple of minutes, even seconds, for smaller ones! Just make sure you have the right attachments. 

Additionally, electric pumps make deflation easier, too. If you have one that’s reversible, it can suck the air out fast. Don’t use your pump near the pool, though. Electricity and water don’t mix.


Method 2: A Shop-Vac 


If you need to know how to blow up a pool without a pump, this is the way to do it. Just about every house has one in the garage or basement. Shop-vacs are excellent because they almost always have a “blow” setting. 

Get the right attachments, and it’s a makeshift pump! The thing is, they can be too good at their job. Exercise caution, or you could explode your inflatables with too much pressure.


Method 3: An Air Compressor


Like the shop-vac, be careful using an air compressor. You can get attachments to work with inflatables, but inflation can happen quickly. Air compressors push a lot of air! Take the tortoise’s lesson in the race against the hare. Slow and steady wins the race. Use this method enough, and you’ll know how to blow up floaties without damaging them.


Method 4: A Manual Pump


Whether you prefer a bike pump, a hand pump, or a foot pump, it’s better than lungs. This is a cheap option, too. You can get manual pumps for little money, sometimes less than $20. 

This method still takes some muscle power, though. Larger inflatables will definitely need something more powerful if speed matters. If you have to inflate a dozen inflatables, or a bounce house, maybe skip this one.


Method 5: A Leaf Blower


Using a leaf blower comes with some advantages. They’re portable. They don’t need an extension cord. They’re fast! Now, how to blow up inflatables with a leaf blower properly? You’ll probably need help. 

Get a second person to hold the nozzle of the leaf blower to the inflatable’s air inlet. You might need to use a makeshift attachment to get the air in. You can make one with the top of a water bottle and duct tape. The water bottle top fits around the inflatable’s air inlet. Be careful with overinflation here, too. 

Most of the suggestions we’ve mentioned use devices that aren’t meant to be pumps. Watch your inflatable. Keep an eye on it to avoid a rupture.

And yes, you can use a hairdryer in the same way. It also will need a makeshift attachment. The difference is that a hairdryer can blow hot air. Use the cold mode to blow air so you don’t damage your inflatables. 

Because hair dryers are smaller, you might not need a friend to help. But if they’re coming over to use your pool, they still should. It’s just polite.


How to Blow Up Pool Floats Without Pumps


Oh, you don’t have any pump? And you still don’t want to use your lungs? Okay, do you want to know how to blow up a pool without a pump? Use a garbage bag. Yes, seriously. Get a large garbage bag and follow along. 

Shake out the bag like you’re going to be putting it into a trash can. When you wave it around, it fills with air, right? Do this, and pinch it shut once it’s full of air. Take the pinched part, put it over the inflatable’s air inlet, and squeeze out the air. Do this as many times as you need to fill the inflatable. 

It’s time-consuming, but at least you’re not getting dizzy from blowing air, and you’ll still get to enjoy your pool, float, or other inflatables.


Taking Care of All of Your Inflatable Needs


This guide on how to blow up inflatable pool floats mentions “overinflation” a lot. That’s because we at Floatie Kings want you to take care of your floats! It’s especially important if you have floats worth caring for. 

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