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How To Clean a Bounce House?

Why is It Important To Clean a Bounce House?


Knowing how to clean a bounce house is important in terms of being sure that your kids and their friends stay safe. Plus, by keeping your bounce house clean, you increase the longevity of the play structure for years. Here are just a few reasons why keeping your bounce house is so important.

  • Prevents the spread of infections and airborne diseases
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold
  • Keeps the surrounding environment clean
  • Protects from wear and tear of the fabric
  • Dirt and debris can damage the fabric and stitches of the bounce house.  


green bounce house


Cleaning is Much Easier Than You Think


Yes that is the good news. Cleaning a residential bounce house should only take about 15-20 minutes. The longest part is letting the unit dry which could take a few hours.


What to Do Before Starting? Preparation Tips


To start cleaning your bounce house, you will need it set up and inflated on a large waterproof tarp. Setting up on the grass will work in a pinch, and a large tarp is important. The easiest time to clean the bounce house is before you put it away after a day of jumping.
After having the bounce house set up properly for a good cleaning, you will also need to have some cleaning supplies and equipment.


What Equipment and Materials Will Be Needed?


First, don't use strong cleaners like solvents, bleach, and bathroom products.  They can degrade the fabric and children playing on it might have contact with those chemicals. Here is what you will need-

  • Clean rags
  • Warm water
  • Baking soda
  • Dishwasher
  • Vinegar
  • Spray bottle
  • Small dusting brush
  • Soft bristle brush for scrubbing
  • Vacuum cleaner and enough electrical cord
  • Broom or small brush (ex from a hand dustpan set)
  • Vacuum cleaner and enough electrical cord

Cleaning a bounce house requires a special liquid. The cleaner solution should have a few drops of dishwasher, half of the spray bottle with water, and vinegar in equal amounts. This solution will make the work easier every time you go to clean the bounce house.


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Which Methods are Used for Cleaning a Bounce House?


Nylon bounce houses can be washed using less quantity of water as they are not water resistant and the water can interfere with the strength of the fiber and make it less durable. For mold, avoid using large doses of bleaching solutions and use only as much as is required.

  • Rubbing the material too hard can decrease the tensile strength of its fiber..
  • Has the fiber started to rot inside? If rot has started, you might need to talk to an expert. 




  1. Vacuum- Just like you would vacuum anything.
  2. Spray- This step is pretty simple: spray down one panel at a time and scrub.  After you are done, Once you're done, go to the next.
  3. Scrub- Use any sort of rag. But it is true, a very soft bristle brush is best.  Ones with a good grip works well. Always use the appropriate pressure to get the dirt out.  Unnecessary wear and tear can be caused by pushing too hard.
  4. Rinse as well as Pat Dry- After scrubbing, you’re ready to rinse and pat dry.  Use rags to remove the moisture. If there is loose dirt, spray the cleaning formula on and pat dry with rags.. The goal is to remove the dirt and cleaning formula to accelerate the drying process.   
  5. Drying- The bounce house must completely dry out before storing it.  This is the easiest part of the process.  Simply leave the bounce house inflated and let it dry naturally.  On a sunny day, a bounce house will dry in 3 to 4 hours.


How to - for Specialized Cleaning


Dry cleaning


The  “dry phase" of cleaning your bounce house.

Step 1- Check out the bounce house and remove crayons, sticks,toys,  jewelry, and big lumps of dirt. Also, look at all the crevices and behind the flaps. 
Step 2- Then use handheld brushes and brooms to sweep out the bounce house. You can use a shop vacuum, as well. The objective is to brush out as much as you can, and try to remember to flip it over and do the underside, too. Your goal is to clean the whole bounce house, not just those areas where kids are playing.


How to Disinfect a Bounce House After Washing?


Disinfecting after cleaning is a critical step. Its purpose is to protect the kids from deadly and dangerous bugs. You will protect yourself from the spread of cold or flu viruses, head lice, pink eye, and more.
Disinfectant wipes that are bleach-free and be sure to wipe down the whole bouncer, not forgetting the heavier traffic areas. Be extra generous around railings, zippers, landings, sidewalls, and any area where people touch the bouncer.   


How Often Should a Bounce House Be Cleaned?


Cleaning a bounce house should be done at regular intervals.  Of course, this depends on how long it is used and how many kids play in it at once. After a birthday party or full day of playing, you should give the bounce house a full cleaning. However, if you only set it up for an hour of play with your kids, it can likely be stored without a cleaning.
Plus don't forget, use good judgment as overcleaning will cause premature wear on the fabric and seams.




Cleaning your bounce house looks a lot harder than it really is. Yes, the first time may take longer, but don't worry. The second time will go faster. You’ll knock this out within 10-15 minutes by the third or fourth try. By then, you’ll relax on your deck preferably with a cool glass in hand while watching the sun finish the job for you.