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Unique Beer Inflatables and Pool Floats for Beverage Brands

What’s cooler than rolling up to an event and seeing a beer inflatable that looks like a person-sized can of someone’s favorite brew? Not much, except maybe two such beer inflatables. Or how about some beer inflatables that are as tall as a house?

Maybe you’ve got a customer appreciation party coming up for your brewery or taproom. Maybe you want something to draw attention year-round. Or maybe you need that inflatable beer bottle for a trade show. The point is that inflatables are awesome and fun. 


How Do Custom Pool Floats and Inflatables Help Elevate Your Brand?


Good brands have products that catch the eyes of consumers, and breweries are all about providing fun. When people think of parties, they usually picture partygoers with beers in their hands, after all. And, as a business that’s associated with or produces beer, you want to give off the vibe that you’re the fun brand. 


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Finally, inflatable beer bottles, inflatable beer coolers, and inflatable beer cans are just plain fun! Here are some additional benefits they offer:


Benefit 1: Endless Uses


A beer inflatable doesn’t have to be a one-use product. You can inflate it for an event, then deflate it and store it away. Once you have another event, you can roll it out, inflate it, let it do its thing, get customers to notice you, and then put it away all over again. Or you could keep it as a permanent fixture of your storefront. 

And unlike those dancing noodle guys in front of car lots, you don’t have to waste electricity running a fan constantly. Just add some air and let it be. 

Speaking of setting it up, beer inflatables are super easy to get in place. Have an air pump? You’ve got what you need. Need to move it around? It’s mostly air! It’s just like moving a big balloon! And with the modern plastics and PVCs that beer inflatables are made from, it’ll last a long, long time without fading or scratching. 

Inflatables are also great at resisting heat and rain, so if your inflatables live outside, that’s okay! You might want to take them inside in the event of, say, a hurricane, but other than that, you’re golden.


Benefit 2: They’re Affordable


When you compare it with other methods of branding that are of a similar size (and whimsy-factor), custom inflatables are a way more budget-friendly. 

That’s not to say they’re not high quality. It’s just that making a quality, durable, long-lasting beer inflatable is a much less costly option than many others. Custom-wrapped automobiles, billboards, media advertising, and the like can get very expensive.

And once you have your inflatable, you have it. You can roll it out any time you want! With a lot of advertising methods, you pay for some flash-in-the-pan messaging, and once it’s done, it’s done. 

Those radio and TV ads will end, and those billboard contracts will run out. And unless that wrapped car is getting parked in a primo spot, it’s not really advertising to anyone. And you can’t set up a wrapped car at a trade show booth without a ton of work. 

One more note on affordability: If you’re doing a giveaway, which is going to cost you more, a wrapped car or a beer inflatable? Exactly. And you can bet that beer inflatable is getting put up for every single pool party that the giveaway winner ever hosts.


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Benefit 3: They’re Customizable


Let’s say you want a beer inflatable that’s more elaborate. Maybe you’re a brewery that makes Belgian-style beers. Do you want a giant inflatable bottle with a giant inflatable cheese wheel and giant inflatable glass? You can get that! 

Perhaps your logo is unique and would be fun to see as an inflatable logo. The possibilities are just about endless. Of course, if cost is your main issue, then a simple inflatable beer bottle or inflatable beer can will still be awesome.


Beverage Brands We Work with


At Floatie Kings, we’ve worked with a bunch of awesome beverage brands, including:

  • Precept Wine
  • Malibu
  • Michael David Winery
  • Aviation American Gin
  • Utepils Brewing
  • BeatBox Beverages


And a bunch of others. So many professional, quality beverage manufacturers have collaborated with us. Check our case studies and learn more about our creative projects today!