Why do pool floats deflate

Why Do Pool Floats Deflate? 3 Helpful Tips To Fix

Imagine the following scenario: you are excited to enjoy a day in the pool after months of working hard and studying, but you realize that your favorite float is deflated, humiliated, and you are no longer able to use it. 

Deflation is a natural process of inflatables; you only have to know how to deal with it. If your summer toy gets empty too fast, it might suggest a problem. So, if you wonder, "why do pool floats deflate?" we've got you covered. Here, we'll discuss how to identify deflation's causes and some good practices to avoid them.


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Top 3 Reasons Why Pool Floats Deflate


There are many reasons pool floats deflate; this process can happen with inflatables of all sizes. The most common causes are:



It's the most common cause and natural too. Pool inflatables, in general, get wilt when the temperature drops. Remember, the air during the day is denser (and needs more space) than at night (when particles are calmer). It means your toy will lose pressure during the day, no matter what happens or what you do! Let me share some specific information about pool floats: they are designed so that for every 10-degree drop in air temperature, the inflatable loses around 1 PSI of pressure. 

To resolve this, take a bump and carefully inflate the toy before a pool party. Follow the procedure, and other actions are not required.


Holes and Tears


Unfortunately, accidents happen, and misapplication is a reality. But don't panic. Learn how to patch a pool float and continue enjoying your holiday.


Scratched Wear


Often, chemicals used to treat pool water can damage fabrics and cause wear – it is the leading motivation you should be concerned about how to keep your pool floats clean. The solution for the wear of the wall's float is similar to holes and tears.

"Why do pool floats deflate?" Well, there isn't only one reason, as you can see.


3 Tips To Fix a Deflated Pool or a Pool Float


Inflatables aren't disposable. With the following tips, you can fix your inflatable pool or pool floats very efficiently. We've got you covered if your inflatable pool keeps deflating and you need help finding the answers. Let's see some good advice for this process.


Tip #1: Find The Leak


First, examine your inflatable pool or pool float looking for a hole. If you don't see anything wrong after an inspection, inflate it until you hear air coming out. Nothing yet? Submerge the pool float in clean water and look for tiny bubbles indicating where the leak is. 


Tip #2: Buy The Appropriate Repair Tool Kit


Make sure your inflatable is made of PVC, rubber, or other material. These details can usually be obtained from the manufacturer – check out their website or even contact them by email or phone. Now you have this detail, choose a fitting repair tool kit at Amazon or any reliable marketplace. Some people simplify the process and use double-sided tape to patch the hole. Always clean the float surface before patching the hole for the best results.


Tip #3: Waiting Before Use


After patching a hole in a toy, wait a while before using it. Wait a couple of hours or even a longer period before playing. Patches usually need some time to dry.


How To Take Care of Your Pool Floats: Best Practices


Why do pool floats deflate? We already know it probably means that it has a hole in the wall of the inflatable. Let's certify that your buddy will last many years, making holidays and weekends memorable. 

  • Wash and dry pool floaties: Water and soap are the best way to keep your pool floats clean. So, you should create the habit of cleaning them after the day's use and before putting them away.
  • Choose the correct storage space: Select a dry space and use airtight containers to protect the toys. Learn how to store pool floats, and they will serve you longer!
  • Learn how to deflate and blow up inflatables with care: Do you prefer to use an electric pump, an air compressor, or even a manual pump? No matter, but always be prudent. Never force the deflate process and learn how to blow up inflatables properly – or you'll exploit them. 
  • Keep pool floats out of the sun when possible: We all love the sun. But when you, your friends, and your family aren't using the inflatable, please, keep it in the shadow. This simple care might extend the lifespan of the inflatable. 


Final Thoughts


The worst comeback to the questions "why do pool floats deflate?" or "why is my inflatable pool deflating" is "because there is a hole in it!". Perhaps this situation has an excellent solution – to fix it with a special repair toy kit. Enjoy the pool!